Case/Box Breaking is a way to collect your favorite teams or players without having to purchase a whole box or case of cards.

A box/case break is when we open a case or box for a group or individuals. The breaks are done via live broadcast on our Facebook group page. Everyone involved has the opportunity to see the whole case or box and share the excitement and fun with everyone! This type of service is a cheaper way to get high dollar cards without having to spend big money. 

There are many breakers out there and we thank you for choosing to break with us!
If we list a break and it does not fill we will refund all spots for that break.
You can find our Facebook page at  from there you can join our group which is where the live breaks take place.
Cards from our breaks will usually ship within one to two days from the break.
Multi-Player/team Cards - If a card is pulled in one of our breaks that has multiple teams involved the card will go to the person with majority ownership (51% or more is majority).  If there is not a majority owner the card will be randomed between all owners at the end of the break.

College uniform - If there is no professional team listed on the card and the player is in their college uniform that card goes to the team they played for the longest.

Retired Players - Goes to the team shown on the card.  If the retired player is in a college uniform with no professional team listed on the card it will go to the team the player played for the longest.
Point Cards - If a point card it pulled it will be randomed between all people in the break.  Each team or spot in the break will be a spot in the random.  For example if you have four teams in the break you will have four spots in point random.
On any random we do the dice will be rolled to determine the amount of rounds for the random and the minimum we will accept is four rounds.
If you have any questions feel free to email us at or contact us on Facebook.
There are a lot of breakers out there and again we thank you for choosing us!  We will try our best to make this a great atmosphere and keep it clean so all can enjoy so let your kids watch with no worries of bad language!




Shipping insurance is not included.  In the event you feel like you need insurance please contact us as soon as the break ends to get a quote on shipping insurance.


Please note:

  • We do not control the speed in which items get delivered once they are picked up from us
  • Once you are provided a tracking number please do not contact us with shipping questions.  Please just contact the package carrier
  • Once an item is in possession of the shipping company we are not responsible for lost or damaged packages