May 2022 Mystery Packs Box

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May 2022 boxes are live for ordering now!!!

Boxes will ship out each Friday all month long!

For this month you can choose between these box types

BASKETBALL - Here are the products we will use for basketball this month.  You will recieve some mix of these packs, you are not guaranteed to get one of each pack but this is to give you an idea of what you could get:

2019-20 Status Tmall Pack
2020-21 Prizm Retail Pack
2020-21 Prizm Tmall Pack
2020-21 Prizm Cello Pack (whole pack)
2020-21 Optic Hobby Pack
2020-21 Optic Fast Break Pack
2020-21 Optic Retail Pack
2020-21 Optic Tmall Pack
2020-21 Chronicles Blaster Pack
2020-21 Chronicles Mega Pack
2020-21 Mosaic Hobby Pack
2020-21 Mosaic Tmall Pack
2020-21 Mosaic Fast Break Pack
2021-22 Hoops Hobby Pack
2021-22 Elite Hobby Pack
2021-22 Donruss Hobby Pack
2021-22 Contenders Hobby Pack
2021-22 Revolution Hobby Pack

BASEBALL - Here are the products on the list for baseball this month, you will receive some mix of these products, you are not guaranteed to receive all products but this is to let you know what you could possibly get:

2019 Topps Heritage High Number Hobby
2021 Optic Hobby
2021 Bowman Chrome Mega
2021 Bowman Draft Lite
2021 Bowman's Best Hobby
2021 Prizm Draft Picks Hobby
2022 Heritage Hobby
2022 Series 1 Retail
2022 Series 1 Jumbo
2022 Bowman Hobby

FOOTBALL - Here are the products being used this month.  You are not guaranteed to get every product but this list is to let you know what you could get:

2019 Contenders Hobby Pack
2019 Optic Hobby Pack
2020 Contenders Hobby Pack
2020 Donruss Hobby Pack
2020 Select Mega Pack
2021 Prizm Draft H2 Pack
2021 Contenders Draft Hobby Pack
2021 Absolute Blaster Pack
2021 Mosaic Hobby Pack
2021 Mosaic No Huddle Pack
2021 Donruss Mega Pack
2021 Chronicles Draft Mega Pack
2021 Illusions Mega Pack
2021 Contenders Hobby Pack
2021 Rookies & Stars Longevity Pack
2021 Phoenix Hobby Pack
2021 Phoenix H2 Pack
2022 Bowman University Hobby Pack

HOCKEY - Hockey not available this month